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There are different ways in which a child can learn. However, there are 3 that are the most common among them. To understand what your child's learning style is, and how you can adapt to it to help your child become a better student.

How to Adapt to Your Child's Learning Style


First, we'll go over the visual learning style. As the name suggests, visual learners are those who can retain and recall information better through their eyes. You can tell if your child is a visual learner if they have a certain ease remembering faces, understanding shapes, identifying colors, and other related skills. For visual learners, you should help them study with the use of videos, or through drawings and concept maps.


If a visual learner is good with their eyes, an auditory learner is good with their ears. Auditory learners are those who are best at assimilating sounds. A child who comprehends music and rhythm, and who remembers conversations vividly, may be an auditory learner. For auditory learners, the best way to study is with sounds. For instance, you can create rhymes about the material they need to go over, or you can record their lectures, so they can listen back to them.


Lastly, there are kinesthetic learners. These are the people who process information better if they use their body and hands to learn it. A kinesthetic learner is usually someone who is very hyperactive and who prefers to put something to practice, rather than reading or hearing about it. If you have a kinethetic learner at home, you can adapt their study methods to help them out. For instance, come up with experiments or games so they can learn.

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