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The beginning of the n ew year is the perfect time to make resolutions and work on improving your child’s areas of opportunity. Here are a few ideas to help your child set some goals for this new year.

Coming up With Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

Talk to your child about resolutions, goals,...
There are many different cultures in the world, and we should all live in peaceful harmony. Children should learn to embrace other customs and traditions and become global-minded. Children nowadays live surrounded by many different cultures. They are more global citizens, so you should teach...
School, homework, tests, and an active social life can make your child feel anxious and stressed out. Maybe your child is suffering from stress too. Find out if your child is feeling stressed and what you can do about it.

Is Your Child Under a Lot of Stress?

Children don’t know how to handle...
Learning about the importance of developing strong writing skills might encourage youngsters to try harder. Here are a few of the reasons why your children should strengthen their writing skills.

The Importance of Solid Writing Abilities

Writing is part of our daily lives. It's used in many...
Great notes can completely change the way you study. If you haven't mastered the art of taking notes in class, here are some useful tips to help you out. Soon studying will be a breeze.

How to Be a Great Note Taker

No particular class really delves deep into the art of taking notes. That is...
Don't think about the end of summer vacation as something horrible. Look at it as an opportunity to have the best school year ever. Here are some ideas to make this year better. The days of summer vacation, getting up late, and relaxing all day long will soon be over and school and homework will...
There are many summer reading programs that help your children strengthen their reading skills and prevent a summer learning loss. Try some of these program options.

Summer Reading Programs

If your child struggles with reading, any breakthrough that they’ve made during the school year will be...
Don’t let exams stress you out or catch you by surprise. Try these easy tips to be prepared for your next exams week. Exams have that nasty way of catching us by surprise, even when they’re clearly marked in our calendars. We just don’t expect them to arrive so soon or even at all. Exams can...
You can't force a child to like numbers, just like you can't for them to enjoy reading. What you can do is try these tips to help your children find some interest in math.

Learning to Enjoy Math in Katy, TX

Math, either you like it or you don’t. Some people get anxious just thinking about...
Some people find it easy to memorize songs, others just have no idea what they’re singing and they just make up the words. This happens because everyone has a different learning style. If you’re looking for ways to boost your child’s learning skills, you can try teaching them in ways they’ll...


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