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School, homework, tests, and an active social life can make your child feel anxious and stressed out. Maybe your child is suffering from stress too. Find out if your child is feeling stressed and what you can do about it.

Is Your Child Under a Lot of Stress?

Children don’t know how to handle stress the way adults do. In fact, they might not even know they’re feeling stressed out. Stressed children tend to cry more, be more irritable and moody, and talk negatively about themselves. They might also get frequent headaches or stomachaches, have trouble sleeping, and start eating differently. Thinking about heading to school might make their anxiety rise even more to the point where they refuse to go to class.

What Can You Do?

  • Don’t overschedule: Try to reduce your child’s afterschool activities. Arriving home only to do homework and later go to some other type of class reduces their free time. You may want your child to learn many different things with all their various afterschool activities, but a tired, overworked, and stress child is not a good learner.
  • More sleep: Lack of sleep makes everyone irritable, moody, and unable to handle stress. Make sure your child gets enough sleep so they can manage all their activities while feeling calmer.
  • Talk it out: If you suspect your child is stressed or having some trouble at school, talk to them. Ask them about their day and the challenges they’re going through. Listen to them, but don’t tell them what to do unless they ask for your opinion.
  • Don’t criticize: The last thing your Child needs is to hear you complain or criticize, even if you’re not talking about them. Criticism creates fear and anxiety.
  • Teach them to accept mistakes: Children often feel stressed because they think they aren’t allowed to make mistakes, and they need to be perfect students. Teach them to accept mistakes and learn from them. Errors are part of learning.

Tutoring in Katy Can Help Reduce Stress Too

Perhaps the reason why your child feels stressed out with school is that they’re struggling to comprehend some of the material. They may benefit from tutoring classes, which will help them understand those tough subjects at their own pace. Call The Tutoring Center, Fulshear TX at (281) 346-8120 to learn about their programs.


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