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There are many summer reading programs that help your children strengthen their reading skills and prevent a summer learning loss. Try some of these program options.

Summer Reading Programs

If your child struggles with reading, any breakthrough that they’ve made during the school year will be forgotten if they don’t practice during vacation. Six books is all your child needs to keep those reading skills fresh and ready for the coming school year. If your children need inspiration, they should join a summer reading program. Many of them offer further incentives like prizes and gift cards after a certain amount of books read. Here are some cool summer reading programs they can try out.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

Incentives are the way to go when dealing with lazy readers. B&N offers a free book to children from first to sixth grade after they complete eight books and record their thoughts in their Summer Reading Journal. They have until September 5th, 2017 to present their complete journal at any Barnes & Noble store.

Chuck E. Cheese’s

Your children can earn 10 Chuck E. Cheese’s tokens for free if they read every day for two consecutive weeks. Just download their Pizza and Token Rewards Calendar and cross out the days they read. Once completed, head to the restaurant for your free tokens.

Scholastic Summer Challenge

Scholastic offers a list of suggested books according to your child's grade and reading skill. Children must go online and log in the hours they've read. They can earn virtual prizes, unlock fun activities, and enter summer sweepstakes.

Summer Tutoring in Katy, TX For Even More Reading Practice

If your children need a push or some extra help mastering their readings skills, summer tutoring might be the answer. The Tutoring Center, Fulshear TX offers summer tutoring programs that will help them become better readers and allow them to complete all those reading challenges. Learn more about their summer tutoring options by calling (281) 346-8120.


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